21. Pistachio

Searching for faceloox  contact lenses with a realistic looking finish? Look no further than the 90 Day Faceloox Contact Lenses in Pistachio, perfect for any occasion!

These contact lenses are made from high quality materials, making them soft and comfortable to wear. Great for anyone who likes to experiment with their look, you can wear these fashion lenses again and again for up to 3 months, making them a great choice for nights out, Cosplay or even day to day wear.

Great for anyone seeking a natural, yet show stopping look, the 90 Day Faceloox Contact Lenses in Pistachio are sure to make all your friends positively green with envy!

Contact Lenses Essential Info:

  • For Cosmetic  and Correction eyes
  • Lasts for 90 Days Once Opened
  • 38% Water
  • BC: 8.60                         DIA: 14.0
  • Packaged in Sterile Saline Solution
  • Designers in Sweden
With Power

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7 reviews for 21. Pistachio

  1. wiam bahja

    Fantastic product. Very reasonable price. I really liked it. Thanks

  2. amina kamili

    This is my second pair they are so comfortable and cheap I love them


    Very good contacts. They do not dry out in your eyes.

  4. michael.kidd

    For Monthly contact lenses, the price is good, they are relatively comfortable, and do the trick for workouts and days i don’t want to wear glasses.

  5. hanan boufrgan

    I am very happy with my new contact lenses. They are comfortable. I need the best for my eyes.

  6. salima

    These are the most comfortable contacts I Have ever used. Dry eye and all. Thank you

  7. Salma Ouniniss

    It’s an amazing color i like it so so much 😍

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